Class of 1966
Berry Academy,   Mt Berry, GA
Berry Academy,   Mt Berry, GA
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Dr. Jerry C. Davis
Dr. Jerry C. Davis
Class of 1961
Dr. Jerry Davis is a 1961 graduate of the
Mount Berry School for Boys. His
personal story of the struggle to find his
way in life is an incredible and
heartwarming one. A small portion of his
search for God’s plan for him is
recounted in the article
 "On the Right
Path"  which appeared in the February
2004 edition of  
Guideposts  magazine.
With special permission from  
Guideposts we are able to reprint and
publish this inspiring article about one of
our Berry brothers. From teenage
runaway to broke and homeless to
college president, it is an amazing
journey. Today, Dr. Jerry Davis is
President of College of the Ozarks in
Point Lookout, MO.  
Click here to read the
On the Right Path
The Unofficial Website of
Berry Academy
and the
Mount Berry School for Boys
Mount Berry, GA
Frost Chapel at Berry Academy
In the Spring of 2007, a group of Berry High School athletes from the 1960's honored their former
basketball coach Jerry Shelton. The dinner in Hill Dining Hall was a huge success, attended by
over 100 people. After the tribute, a few of the men decided to create an organization to preserve
the camaraderie of high school alumni and to work to preserve the history of the high schools.
The Berry Breakfast Club was born.
The 1952 Berry Basketball Team standing in front of The Blue Goose
Left to Right: Charlie Underwood, A.C. Holbrook, J.W. Walker, Billy Thomason,
Ike Coleman, Chester Hyers, Vance Parkerson, Josh Hutchinson, Oliver Welch,
Sims Hawkins and C.H. Smith.
Remember the Blue Goose?

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Established in
Memory of
Jimmy Fletcher
Click on the photo to read
more about the scholarship
Spearheaded by his friends
and classmates, the
R. Fletcher Memorial
Endowed Scholarship
been established at Berry
College. Jimmy Fletcher,
born with cerebral palsy,
attended the Mount Berry
School for Boys and was the
class valedictorian in 1964.
challenged his entire life,
Jimmy never surrendered to
his disability and inspired
everyone who ever came to
know him.

When Jimmy passed away in
February of 2010, a group of
friends and classmates
immediately began to search
for a way to honor the
memory of this unique
individual. After numerous
ideas were advanced, it was
decided to raise money for
an endowed scholarship that
would honor Jimmy’s memory

In April of 2010 a scholarship
committee consisting of John
Shahan (64H), Ernie Chou
(66H), Bob Williams (62H)
and Dale Cummings (66H)
was formed. Stacey Spillers,
Senior Advancement Officer
at Berry, advised the group
that Berry required a
minimum of $25,000 in order
to endow a scholarship. An
immediate challenge gift of
$10,000 from Ernie Chou
started the campaign on its
way and by July, the fund
had grown to over $37,000
cash in hand with another
$6,000 that was pledged.

The scholarship was
awarded to a deserving
student for the first time for
the fall semester of 2010.
Qualifications to receive the
scholarship are:

  • The recipient’s
    demonstration of
    financial need.
  • The recipient
    maintaining a grade
    point average of 3.0 or
  • The recipient’s
    participation in the   
    on-campus student
    work program.
  • The recipient must
    have a permanent
    physical disability.

Contributions to the
scholarship fund are still
being accepted and are
encouraged. The larger that
this endowed fund grows, the
greater financial impact it
can have on Berry students
for years to come.
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Mt. Berry School for Boys
Hitchhiking from Rome
Berry Academy
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Berry High School
Mountain Day
The Grand March
The Story of Swofford
Is it real or is it legend? Click on
the cartoon to find out.
The next meeting of the Berry Breakfast Club will be at the
Landmark Restaurant in Rome on Saturday,
January 12, 2019 at
8:00 AM. All high school and Academy alumni are invited.
Martha Berry
Martha Berry
The Berry Breakfast Club
The story of Berry High
School/Academy and the amazing
impact the school continues to
have on the lives of its former
students is the focus of a new
A History of the Berry
Schools on the Mountain
written by Dr. Jennifer
Dickey (77A, 80C). The book was
first envisioned by the Berry
Breakfast Club, a group of alumni
who meet monthly to reconnect
with memories and friends and to
promote the school’s legacy.
Berry President Steve Briggs
commissioned the project, which
was managed by Historic Berry
with the support of the alumni
relations office. The book can be
purchased online at Barnes &
Noble and at Amazon.Com. Or,
you can
click here to order.
Finally, the
Book Is Here!
Six Years in the
Making, from
Conception to
Scholarship Established by Class of '64
Other Classes Issued a Challenge
The Class of 1964 has established the Berry High Schools and Academy Work
Scholarship. The announcement was made at Alumni Weekend by Charles
Downey at the 50-year reunion dinner of the Class of 1964. Over $21,000 has
been collected and pledged for the scholarship and all other classes have been
challenged to meet or exceed the gifts of the class of ’64.

The scholarship fund needs a minimum of $25,000 in order to become an
endowed scholarship and all high school alumni are encouraged to
support this effort.

The purpose of the Berry High Schools and Academy Work Scholarship is to help
preserve and teach the rich history and heritage of the Berry high schools by
assisting needy students in pursuing their education at Berry College. Read more
about the qualifications of the scholarship recipients by
clicking here.

Click here to download the pledge form.

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In Memoriam
Nominations Now Being Accepted
Reverand Dr. Luis Leon, Berry Academy class of 1967, welcomes
President-Elect Donald Trump to a morning worship service at St. John's
Episcopal Church in Washington, DC, on January 20, 2017, just hours before Mr.
Trump's inauguration. Known as "
The Church of the Presidents",  St. John's is
located across Lafayette Square, just north of the White House. Reverend Luis
Leon was featured as the "Power Player of the Week" on the January 20, 2013
edition of Fox News Sunday.
Click here or on Rev. Leon's photo to watch the
video, which runs just over three and a half minutes.
Berry Alumnus in the National Spotlight
Jonathan Jordan, class
of 1972, passed away
unexpectedly in
September, 2018. Read
about Jonathan by
clicking here.
Alumni Share Their Experiences
With Berry Elementary Students In
Panel Discussion
Each year the Berry College Elementary Middle School (BCEMS) located on the Mountain Campus
celebrates Mountain Day with their own Heritage Day.  The reason for this is because their students are
too young to participate in the Mountain Day activities.  This year on Friday, September 28th, the BCEMS
invited seven High School/Academy Alumni to sit on a panel discussionin the Hamrick Hall auditorium.

The alumni on panel were Jim Morris ‘79A, John Shahan ‘64A, Greyson Whiteside ‘66A, Teresa Puckett
‘75A, Bob Williams ‘62H, Bill Thornton (former coach and Dean of Students) and Wayne Howard ‘72A.  

Jim Morris reflected on the event, “Though it still hurts that the Academy isn’t there anymore, I can promise
you that the spirit of the Berry schools and the philosophy of heads, hands and hearts is still very much
alive there now. What a special day I had today at BCEMS…  The panel spoke about what life was like way
back in the dark ages.  The students and staff were polite and attentive and it was so cool to see the Berry
traditions being carried on.  We opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and then closed with the Berry Alma
Mater which was student led.  It had been a long time since I had sung that song...  I’m sure that
something got in my eye during that… It was a fun, rewarding day!”
Members of the alumni panel were (L to R) - Jim Morris 79A, John Shahan 64A, Greyson Whiteside 66A,
Teresa Smith Puckett 75A, Bob Williams 62H, Bill Thornton (former coach and Dean of Students) and
Wayne Howard 72A.
Tom Poe, class of
1948, passed away
on October 7, 2018.
You can read his
obituary by
Carlton Belcher,
class of 1978,
passed away on
November 16, 2018.
You can read is
obituary by